Singing Election Commision member and other memos of Georgia’s 2016 election runoff day

A young citizen dressed in spiderman costume arrives at a voting station in seaside city Batumi earlier today. Photo from Tedo Jorbenadze/Batumelebi Newspaper., 30 Oct 2016 - 23:37, Tbilisi,Georgia

Today Georgian citizens voted in the second round of the 2016 Parliamentary Elections; 929,265 voters submitted their choice at the ballot by the time voting stations closed at 8pm local time.

The figure represented a 37.5 percent turnout, said Georgia's Central Election Commission (CEC) as it announced the closing of polling stations earlier this evening.

The day saw election observers and voting station visitors capture moments from polling process on lens, and you can see them below.

On Facebook one Georgian user published a video of a singing election station commission member. This song, from an old famous movie became, soon spread online and has since gone viral among Georgian social media users:

The International Republican Institute (IRI) was one of the international organisations monitoring the Georgian election. Its president Mark Green shared some of his photographs of the October 30 voting on social networks:

Seniors vote in R of Georgia bc they understand how precious liberty is. Learn more @iriglobal #Gvote 2016 #iriglobal

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IRI observer Andrea Keerbs was also active onlijne today; she offered her take on the election runoff on Instagram and Twitter:

A soldier casts his ballot in #georgia runoff elections @iriglobal observing #gvote

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Keerbs photographed a special cabin for voters with disabilities at one of the voting stations open for the runoff:

Keerbs' camera also captured the moment ballot box was opened following the closing of the polling station after 8pm this evening:

This was the moment the ballot box was emptied following the conclusion the runoff voting on November 30: