Figitive prisoner rearrested at his own wedding after 47 days on the run

Georgia's Corrections Ministry released a photo of the escaped prisoner., 26 Oct 2016 - 18:33, Tbilisi,Georgia

A prisoner who escaped from a court room in Georgia's Rustavi city about a month ago has been rearrested at his own wedding celebration.

Police detained Otar Varamashvili, 35, when he was celebrating his marriage at a restaurant in Rustavi, 25km southeast of capital Tbilisi.

He was picked up by law enforcers on October 16 - 47 days after he escaped from prison.

Varamashvili managed to escape after he made a fake hand grenade, which he made of bread while in prison. He escaped while being transported to Rustavi City Court on August 31.

Varamashvili later said he pretended he was feeling unwell so that guards would relax and not pay much attention to him. He then threw his fake 'bread' hand grenade in the direction of guards and ran. Guards did not immediately chase him as the fake hand grenade looked similar as a real one.

Police spent 47 days searching for the escaped prisoner before finding him celebrating his wedding in a restaurant.

Once rearrested and sent back to the high security prison, Varamashvili sent a letter to a local TV company, telling his story and explaining why he escaped from prison.

I was preparing for this for a long time. I wanted to break free. It just happened that I have spent more time in jail than out of jail,” he wrote Imedi TV.

The convict said he had planned the excape because he wanted to get married and "live a normal life".

Meanwhile Varamashvili's mother said her son did not visit his parents while on the run and they were not aware he got married after escaping from jail.

After his escape Georgia’s Ministry of Corrections released Varamishvili’s photo, warning the public he was dangerous.

Varamishvili was in prison for multiple theft and robbery charges. This was his sixth conviction.

Varamishvili was first arrested when he was 16. He has spent 20 years of his life in prison.

He first attempted to escape from prison in 1998 but he failed.

Before the August breakout he had six years left to serve. According to Georgian legislation, a sentence for a prison-break is four years, meaning Varamishvili will now have to spend 10 years behind bars.