Ruling party secretary Kaladze: We condemn all confrontation

Georgian Dream Party Secretary Kakha Kaladze commented on the incident in western Georgia following the election process. Photo from Georgian Dream's press office., 09 Oct 2016 - 02:22, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Dream party Secretary Kakha Kaladze has commented on a late-night incident in western Georgia's Jikhashkari Village following the conclusion of the Parliamentary Elections, where several individuals vandalised a polling station and attacked local and international election observers.

In a special statement earlier in the evening Kaladze urged law enforcement agencies to "immediately identify" those responsible for carrying out the violence.

We urge law enforcement agencies to timely react to the criminal incident and ensure the perpetrators face strictest punishment, no matter which political party they support," said Kaladze.

The Georgian Dream official said his party condemned "any form of confrontation" and stressed the importance of the vote counting process be carried out in a calm and peaceful environment. 

At 11pm Tbilisi time, three hours after the ballot boxes were sealed shut and voting ended in the Parliamentary Elections, several unidentified individuals threw rocks at two polling stations in Jikhashkari Village, in Zugdidi Municipality, breaking windows.

The attackers forced their way into the building before damaging inventory used during voting procedures.

The group also physically attacked international and local monitors on site, causing injuries to two members of Norway's Helsinki Committee.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia announced an investigation into the violence had been launched based on an Article concerning "interference with election processes".