Education Minister speaks of advantages of e-books in schools

Georgia’s Minister of Education hoped the first electronic textbooks will be introduced into Georgian schools next year. Photo by, 27 Sep 2016 - 14:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Minister of Education Aleksandre Jejelava has spoken out of the advantages of electronic books, and believes e-books may gradually replace paper textbooks in Georgian schools.

The comments come after Jejelava said the schoolbags of Georgian children were "too heavy” and potentially caused back injuries. The Education Ministry was searching for ways to alleviate this problem and agreed replacing heavy textbooks with e-books was one way to ease this issue.

We have already arranged several meetings between local publishers and the companies that produce and develop electronic books abroad. We are going to tell the local publishers to offer electronic textbooks as an alternative,” Jejelava said. 

The Minister said the best solution going forward was to offer both e-books and text books, and get parents to decide what resources to use.

We can tell parents, here is an electronic textbook and here is a paper one. You decide how you want your children to use them. A parent may prefer his or her child to prepare for lessons with paper textbooks at home, while carry the electronic version of the same textbook to school,” Jejelava said. 

He estimated in the first two or three years about 10 percent of students would prefer to use e-books, however this would gradually increase over time.

He hoped the first e-books would be introduced into Georgian schools from next year.