Parliament Speaker initiates Constitutional amendment on Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration

Georgia’s Parliament Speaker voiced his idea to amend the Constitution to clearly outline Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration aspirations. Photo by the Parliament of Georgia., 12 Aug 2016 - 17:06, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Speaker of Georgia’s Parliament David Usulashvili says amendments should be made to the Constitution of Georgia that echoes the will of the Georgian people and clearly states Georgia is on an irreversible path towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

Usupashvili believed changes needed to be made to the Constitution to clearly reflect the future of Georgia and its intentions to be a member of the European Union (EU) and NATO.

His comments come after several political players, including head of Democratic Movement-United Georgia Nino Burjanadze, said Georgia must not be a member of any international bloc or alliance and remain neutral. 

Burjanadze and  the supporters of the view said they would start a petition and collect signatures to achieve a Constitutional amendment that prevents Georgia from becoming a member of the EU, NATO or other alliances.

Today Usupashvili said he would not sit back and be passive in a situation where people "speculated” about the country’s future.

That is why I am initiating this change that is essential for Georgia’s security, safety and future development,” Usupashvili said. 

In the preamble of the Constitution of Georgia, which states the wish of the Georgian people, I believe we should add the sentence: To find our place and full value in the security and cooperation among the Euro-Atlantic system of democratic nations,” Usupashvili stated. 

Usupashvili appealed lawmakers to sign his petition, which required at least 76 votes out of the 150-seat legislative body for his amendment to come into force.

If the petition was registered as an initiative, it required at least 100 votes in Parliament to be included in the Constitution.