US website ranks Georgian King David the Builder among top three leaders of all time

Georgia’s King Davit IV ruled Georgia from 1089 to 1125. His leadership saw Georgia become one of the most powerful countries in his time of governance. Photo by, 22 Jan 2016 - 18:04, Tbilisi,Georgia

An American website ranked Georgia’s King David IV as the third best military general of all time in a list of the top 10 most influential world leaders.

The well-known Georgian King, commonly known as King David the Builder, was ranked by US website after ancient Greek King Alexander the Great and Mongolian Emperor Tran Hung Dao. 

Napoleon Bonaparte, Hannibal Barca and Julius Caesar were ranked fourth, fifth and sixth respectively after the Georgian King, who ruled the country from 1089 until his death in 1125, according to the Julian calendar. 

In 1121 he, with his army of 55,000 men won against Seljuks. Their army was composed of 600.000 soldiers. The battle of Didgori is often regarded as battle of "miraculous victory", wrote the website while describing the achievements of King David IV during his reign. 
Before the battle David ordered his troops to block their way back, addressing soldiers that they would either win or die there. Over 70 percent of Seljuks were killed and the rest were taken prisoner,”

Shortly after the website released its list of top generals, the section that featured the Georgian King gained more than 220 comments. Most of the people, allegedly Georgians, praised the website and the Georgian King. 

He was the most powerful military general or commander of all time and in the history of mankind,” wrote one internet users. 
He was not only the best Military General, he was also a genius,” wrote another. 

For many King David IV was described as a symbol that represented a powerful Georgia and one of the most influential kings of his time.

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