Czech agencies gift special ambulance to Georgia:
Vehicle will serve in mountainous Tusheti

The Mitsubishi Pajero has been fitted with special equipment and medicines to serve people in the alpine area. Photo by Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia., 23 Jun 2016 - 16:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

For the first time, people in Georgia’s mountainous Tusheti area call for emergency services and receive support thanks to a generous donation by the Czech Republic.

Today, two Czech agencies – the Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia and the Czech Development Agency – gifted a special ambulance vehicle to Georgia that can easily travel on the rocky and narrow roads in mountainous Tusheti.

The vehicle has been fitted with vital emergency equipment and medicines that will serve those in the area, when needed.

For many years the task of sending emergency services to Tusheti in northeastern Georgia has been a major issue due to the poor quality of the roads.

Medical staff from Georgia’s Ministry of Defence will use the car. Photo by Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia. 

However the new car, a Mitsubishi Pajero, is a 4-wheel drive vehicle that is capable of maneuvering along challenging roads.

The vehicle was handed over to the Akhmeta Municipality local Government today. It is equipped with a range of medical gear that can address a range of illnesses, injuries or offer other emergency support.

Medical staff from Georgia’s Ministry of Defence will use the car and its equipment when called to an emergency in Tusheti.

Tusheti is located in the Akhmeta Municipality at an altitude of 1650-4493 metres. The area is extremely rural however people live in several villages located 1900-2400 metres above sea level.

The road to Tusheti can only be accessed by a 4-wheel drive vehicle and is closed during the winter months when snow and ice blanket the area. The road is difficult to navigate however Tusheti is regarded as one of the country’s most majestic areas and it is visited by avid travellers each year.