New Georgian app ‘Traktor’ among top 20 European start-ups

The new app will provide farmers in Georgia and other emerging markets with useful agricultural tips and support. Photo by Elva., 27 May 2016 - 18:19, Tbilisi,Georgia

A Georgia-made online and mobile application for farmers in emerging markets has been recognised as one of the best start-ups in Europe.

The Startup Fest Europe competition in the Netherlands this week revealed the Traktor app was one among the top 20 new online and mobile applications in Europe despite it still being in the development phase.

Startup Fest Europe is a European festival that helps new businesses grow by bringing together founders, investors, business leaders and developers around specific themes. Last week’s event attracted top American businessmen including Tim Cook from Apple, Eric Schmidt from Google and Travis Kalanick from Uber.

The Traktor app was unique because it provided farmers in Georgia, and other emerging markets, with useful agricultural tips and support.

Experts at local IT development agency Elva are currently working on the final development phase of the app.

Over two days in early June up to 10 developers from Google will assist Elva’s team to develop and tune specific components of the new app. The Traktor app is expected to be released this September.

The Traktor app will be free to use and available to farmers and businesses throughout the country and in other emerging markets.

The app will offer: 

  • Training videos ​on a range of different crops;
  • Advanced weather data;
  • Consultations with local experts about farm-related problems;
  • A crop calendar – a personalised schedule showing the best times to plant, irrigate and harvest their crops.

When operational Traktor will work with several organisations and enjoy a close partnership with Mosavali, a non-profit initiative of Elva to produce and disseminate educational content on agriculture in Georgia.