Georgian Government supports hail-struck farmers

The Georgian Government has a pool of money for farmers who experienced heavy losses in this month’s hailstorms. Photo by Ministry of Agriculture., 19 May 2016 - 13:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

A group of farmers in central and eastern Georgia are being given a helping hand to bounce back after their crops were damaged in a hailstorm.

From today affected farmers in Georgia’s Shida Kartli and Kakheti regions can access a range of agricultural support and products to help them treat their damaged plants.

The Government has allocated 180 GEL per hectare to farmers who experienced a loss due to the major hailstorms on May 1-16.

The money will be transferred into equivalent points on farmers’ agro cards. Farmers will be able to use this money to purchase products at shops that were involved in the state initiative.

Farmers can get information about the location of participating shops by calling 247 01 01.

The Government also appealed to farmers to get involved in the state Agro-Insurance Program.  

Based on recent amendments, farmers involved in the program can now insure up to five hectares of agricultural land.

Each beneficiary could receive 70 percent of co-financing costs for any agricultural product involved in the program if damaged, while the state will offer up to 50 percent to co-finance vines.