Artists flock to Tbilisi for Kolga Photo festival 2016

  • Visitors at a 2015 Kolga Tbilisi photo exhibition. Photo from, 11 May 2016 - 13:56, Tbilisi,Georgia

Some of the best photos by local and foreign photographers will be unveiled at the annual Kolga Tbilisi Photo contest, starting in Georgia's capital tomorrow.

This year’s annual Kolga Tbilisi Photo contest will celebrate its biggest edition yet with a jury of four experts revealing winners of a competition that saw photos submitted by photographers from 40 countries.

The week-long photo festival will involve workshops and exhibitions of local artists Mari Nakani, Mamuka Japharidze and more, as well as international photographers like Fabian Weiss and Angus Leadley Brown.

Visitors at the 2015 Kolga Tbilisi Photo opening event. Photo from

The Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2016 event will open on May 12 with an exhibition of the best works of the year in five categories:

  • Documentary Series
  • Photo Report
  • Conceptual Photo Project
  • One Shot
  • Mobile Photo

Winners of the first four categories will be awarded $1,500, while the winning author of the Mobile Photo section will receive an iPhone.

A 2014 Kolga Tbilisi Photo exhibition of works by women photographers. Photo from

A new special prize, called Kolga Newcomer Photo Award, will also be awarded along with a €500 money award. This prize will be awarded to a young photographer aged 25 or younger for their work submitted in one of the first four regular categories.

Following the opening event, the general public are invited to attend any or all of the dozens of exhibitions by Georgian and foreign photographers in the Kolga Tbilisi Photo week. Agencies and individual artists will present their works at museums, clubs and public spaces throughout Tbilisi over six days.

Some of the exhibitions will be followed by musical performances.

See a video promoting the 2016 Kolga Tbilisi Photo contest below:

To complement the photography festival, workshops on the art of photography will be hosted by experts including World Press Photo award-winning creator Simon Norfolk and British street photographer Dougie Wallace.

Established in 2002 as a competition for amateur photographers, the Kolga Tbilisi Photo contest grew over the last decade to become the largest photo competition in Georgia.

This year's contest will run until May 18. 

The full program of exhibitions and activities within the occasion can be viewed here.