Georgian films gain rave reviews in Budapest

Screenshot from the movie Will there be a Theatre Up there? by Nana Janelidze., 30 Apr 2015 - 17:59, Tbilisi,Georgia

Hungarian cinema-lovers are praising Georgia’s film industry after two Georgian films were screened in capital Budapest this week and were loved by the audience.

Georgian films Keep Smiling and Will there be a Theatre Up there? received raving reviews after being screened at the Muvesz Mozi cinema in central Budapest.

Screening of Georgian movies in Budapest, Hungary.

Keep Smiling, directed by by Rusudan Chkonia was about ten Georgian women, who are desperately trying to win a beauty contest for mothers who have more than three children. The winner will get an apartment and $25000 USD, while Will there be a Theatre Up there? by Nana Janelidze offers an original view on the tragic destiny of people who lived in the Soviet Union, reflected through the biography of the renowned Georgian actor Kakhi Kavsadze.

Screenshot from the movie Keep Smiling by Rusudan Chkonia.

Representatives of the Hungarian cultural elite, local film industry insiders, diplomatic corps accredited to Hungary and compatriots residing in Hungary highly praised the Georgian films.

Screenshot from the movie Will there be a Theatre Up there? by Nana Janelidze .

The Georgian film screenings were organised by the Embassy of Georgia to Hungary with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Georgian National Film Centre.

After the screening, viewers were able to sample Georgian wine.

This was not the first time Georgian movies have been applauded by a Hungarian audience.

The Oscar-nominated Estonian-Georgian movie Tangerines [Mandarinebi], directed by Zaza Urushadze, was screened at the Muvesz Mozi cinemas during the Estonian Week celebrations on March 21, 2014.