Swiss company opens meat production facility in Georgia

The new meat production facility will produce meat using modern technologies that meets international standards., 11 Mar 2015 - 15:06, Tbilisi,Georgia

Blauenstein Georgia, a company created by Georgian-Swiss investments, is starting to produce mead products at a special facility in Georgia’s Racha region.

The products will be sold in the local market.

Blauenstein Georgia founder Max Blauensteiner has already informed Georgia’s Agriculture Minister Otar Danelia about the meat products that will be produced by the company.

The company already owned cattle farms in Georgia’s Racha region.

"Cattle-breeding has huge potential in Georgia. For this reason it is very important to support this field of agriculture,” Minister Danelia said.

"A large part of meat products are imported to Georgia. Investments made in local meat production will contribute to replace importing products with locally produced ones,” he said.

For the first time in Georgia, Blauenstein Georgia has started to produce so-called ripened meat that meets modern standards. This meant after cattle are slaughtered, its meat will be kept for 14-21 days in a special refrigerator that controls temperature and humidity. Such condition will reduce the acidity in the meat and give it a better taste as a result.

"Georgia has thousands of years of history of cattle breeding and it has a huge potential in producing meat products” said Blauensteiner.

"I am glad that we contribute in recovering meat producing traditions in Georgia. We have made important investments in Racha for building the farms. This helped the local people as well, who introduced the modern technologies and methodology of producing meat products,” he said.

Blauenstein Georgia has been operating in Racha since 2008. Since then the company has invested more than 15 million GEL and employed 60 people in Georgia.