Georgian Gov’t offers greater social support to vulnerable population

Plans for new social benefits were revealed by Deputy Health and Social Protection Minister Zaza Sopromadze. Photo by, 04 Sep 2015 - 16:38, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Government of Georgia has revealed how it plans to tackle major social issues and better support the country’s vulnerable population.

Today authorities outlined new social subsidies and a pension increase for disabled persons and socially underprivileged citizens, supported by the Health and Social Protection Ministry and Tbilisi City Hall.

Disabled children and adults with "marked disabilities” will have their monthly benefits increased by 60 GEL to a total of 160 GEL as part of the plan, while socially underprivileged citizens of Tbilisi will have part of their electricity bills subsidised by Tbilisi City Hall, to combat the recent increase in power bill costs.

Deputy Health and Social Protection Minister Zaza Sopromadze told reporters the benefits increase would assist more than 9,000 children and 24,457 adults.

Sopromadze noted the increase of benefits – a pledge first made by the Government several months ago – would require 3,100,000 GEL from the state budget. He added this sum would be gathered "before the year’s end”.