First Lithuania, now Georgia
Tbilisi hosts 2015 International Art Festival Anima Mundi

A painting from last year's Anima Mundi Festival. Photo by the festival's website., 02 Sep 2015 - 17:09, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s capital city is gearing up to host the second installment of a multi-national creative art festival that brings together artists and enthusiasts from all over the country while raising money for charity.

For the first time, the renowned International Art Festival Anima Mundi was being held in two locations this year – Lithuania and Georgia.

In late August the 3rd annual festival took place in Lithuania and tomorrow the festival will kick off in Georgia at the Georgian National Museum’s Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla Gallery).

From September 3-9, Tbilisi locals and guests can appreciate the work of painters, graphic artists, sculptors, photographers, digital artists, theater artists, musicians and other interesting international and local participants.

Organisers noted the festival was designed to allow artists and society to interact with one another and express their ideas.

On this note guests are encouraged to participate in seminars where discussions will be held about problems, perspectives and interaction of contemporary art around the world. Workshops will also be led by international artists, which people can participate in.

The festival will focus on the themes of the power of history, expressing identity, life and moral codes and development and interaction of cultures.

Earlier event organisers said funds raised in the event will be donated to the relief fund to help Tbilisi recover from the June 13 flash flood, which officials estimated caused more than 100 million GEL damage.

The Georgian National Museum and other partners were instrumental in bringing the festival to Georgia.

More information about the 2015 International Art Festival Anima Mundi can be found here.