Sukhishvilebi dedicates 70th anniversary concert to Tbilisi flood victims

Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvilebi fascinated thousands of people in Egypt in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza on May 26., 24 Jun 2015 - 17:51, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s acclaimed folk dance company is preparing to celebrate 70 dynamic years of performance.

Sukhishvilebi, Georgia’s internationally recognised folk dance company, founded in 1945 and has been performing locally and internationally since then. The official name of the troupe is the Georgian National Ballet but in Georgia everyone called it Sukhishvilebi after its founder Iliko Sukhishvili. Over the years this name has become the brand name for the brilliant performances of Georgian folk dance.

Sukhishvilebi has spent months preparing to hold a special anniversary concert but has since announced the concert will be dedicated to the victims of the Tbilisi flood and all money raised from ticket sales will be donated to the relief fund.

At the charity concert international ballet stars Ilze Liepa, Nino Ananiashvili, Irma Nioradze and Ilia Kuznetsov will perform alongside the Georgian national folk dancers at the charity concert, due to be held at the Philharmonic Concert Hall on June 27.

On Saturday night before the concert begins, invited guests will get the chance to see stage costumes, photos and video archives showing the past 70 years of the Georgian National Ballet.

Tbilisi City Hall’s Centre of Cultural Events and the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection are supporters of the event.

See images from the dance company’s new program Ramishvilebi "In Pictures” on

Meanwhile last July Georgia’s Ministry of Culture announced 2015 as the year of Sukhishvilebi in recognition of the dance company’s contribution to promoting Georgian culture.

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