Ancient burial sites unearthed in Georgia

Photo by the National Museum of Georgia, 09 Nov 2014 - 14:39, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia is cementing a name for itself as a place of ancient discoveries and historic significance.

A team of archaeologists unearthed burial sites dating back to the 8-7th century BC in the Gantiadi village in the Dmanisi municipality in the country’s south.

The discovery was made accidentally when a local internet provider was wiring an internet cable in the area.

Authorities were now cleaning the sites and studying the exhibits. They said some of the 25 burial sites were unique because of the rare items unearthed.

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Meanwhile, the oldest discovery ever made in Georgia was of two human skeletons which dated back 1.8 million years.

The two remains were of Homo georgicus – an extinct species of hominine that lived between Homo habilis and Homo erectus. To date, these are the oldest human skeletons ever discovered in Europe.