PM Garibashvili: 21 years on Abkhazia is a major concern

"We will never ever allow bloodshed among brothers," Prime Minister stated., 27 Sep 2014 - 20:29, Tbilisi,Georgia

The country’s Prime Minister is remembering those who died while serving their country at the 21st anniversary of the fall of Sokhumi which led to Abkhazia becoming a breakaway region of Georgia.

PM Irakli Garibashvili released a statement to express his condolences to the families of those who die during the war in Abkhazia.

"Georgia lost the best sons of this nation and we pay tribute to them,” Garibashvili said.

"We respect the immortal memory of them. Even 21 years later Abkhazia remains our increasing challenge. Hundreds of thousands of citizens became internally displaced in their own country," he said.

"We are obliged to alleviate their plight and create decent living conditions for them and do everything possible to return them to their homes," he added.

The Georgian leader acknowledge the war brought immense sorrow to Abkhazians as well.

"Their loss is enormous and today, we could say that we will never ever allow bloodshed among brothers," Prime Minister stated.

He said the Georgian Government would do anything to "turn our Abkhazian brothers towards Georgia".

"We are building a European democracy and sincerely offer them to share all of our achievement and success," the PM added.

He believed common determination would become the solid foundation of restoring peace and harmony among the two sides so they could again live together in a democratic and successful Georgia.