More Georgian soldiers return from Afghanistan

Georgia is the largest non-NATO contributor to ISAF mission in Afghanistan. Photo from, 23 Sep 2014 - 18:31, Tbilisi,Georgia

The first group of soldiers serving in the Special Mountain Battalion of the Georgian Armed Forces has returned home from Afghanistan without suffering any casualties.

The 151 military servicemen touched down on Georgian soil at the Alekseevka military airfield in Tbilisi this morning after being deployed at the Kandahar Air Base for the past six months.

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The soldiers were welcomed back by Deputy Chief of General Staff Colonel Roman Jokhadze, who congratulated the soldiers on their peaceful return and expressed his gratitude for successfully completing their assignment within the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission.

The remaining personnel serving in the Special Mountain Battalion will return to Georgia in the next few weeks.

Georgian soldiers have served under the Georgian flag for the past four years on a rotation basis as part of the ISAF mission. Georgia is the largest non-NATO contributor to this mission.

Twenty-nine Georgian soldiers have died while serving in the ISAF mission. All were killed in action while serving in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

Meanwhile 435 Georgian soldiers have been wounded in action, 35 of whom were now amputees, claimed ISAF.