Georgia among world’s cheapest, safest, friendliest countries

Old Tbilisi; Photo by N. Alavidze /, 24 Jun 2014 - 14:10, Tbilisi,Georgia

For travelers looking for new places to explore that are cheap, friendly and safe, Georgia is strongly recommended as a place to visit.

The country ranked second in the Top 15 Cheap, Safe and Friendly Countries in the world report.

After collecting data published by the World Economic Forum and mixing it with free crowd-sourced data from, electric engineer and blogger Kimeshan Naidoo from South Africa came up with a list of 15 recommended countries to visit. He compiled his list after observing each country’s data in terms of safety, friendliness and cost of living.

Macedonia placed first in the list, Georgia placed second and third place went to the United Arab Emirates, followed by Morocco and Hong Kong.

Montetnegro, Malta, Taiwan, Ethiopia, Thailand, Estonia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bosnia And Herzegovina and Portugal also made the list.

Based on his own travel experience, Naidoo came to the conclusion that three factors – affordability, safety and friendliness - influenced how enjoyable a country was.

He then found data for each of these individual aspects and combined the three sets of data to come up with a new list that showed which countries were the best in terms of affordability, safety and friendliness.

"The individual rankings are not very useful. Why? Because there’s no point going to Bolivia, which is cheap but very unfriendly for tourists. There’s also no point in going to Pakistan, which is cheap but not very safe or friendly. Iceland might be super friendly but your wallet will take a hammering,” the blogger wrote.

"So what you need to know is which countries fare the best in all three aspects. These countries are golden and you should consider visiting them on your next vacation.”