Georgian Dream bloc presents candidates for Tbilisi City Council elections

  • Vice PM K. Kaladze and mayoral candidate D. Narmania presented the list of 25 candidates for Tbilisi City Council elections., 15 May 2014 - 17:12, Tbilisi,Georgia

Six political parties that make up the Georgian Dream election bloc have presented a proportional list of candidates for the Tbilisi City Council elections.

Kakha Kaladze, Georgia’s Vice Prime Minister and head of the Georgian Dream electoral headquarters presented the list of 25 candidates with Georgian Dream Tbilisi mayoral candidate Davit Narmania today.

Of the 25 candidates, 13 represent the ruling party Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia, three from the National Forum and three from the Free Democrats. The Conservative Party will be represented by two candidates, as will the Industry Will Save Georgia party and the Republican Party.

Kaladze said after coming into power, his party quickly proved it was "people-oriented, responsible and a law-abiding force”.

"Our basic goal is to establish social justice, liberty of each citizen and create equal opportunities of development for everyone,” he said.

The municipal elections will be held in Georgia on June 15, 2014.

Seventy one local self-government bodies - Sakrebulos and 2,088 members of Sakrebulo, 12 city Mayors and 59 heads of the local municipality - Gamgebelis will be elected in the local self-government elections.

Changes to the Election Code mean this is the first time all Mayors and Gamgebelis will be directly elected. Previously only the Mayor of Tbilisi was chosen this way.

Today, the Georgian Central Election Commission (CEC) said slightly more than 3.4 million voters (3,472, 772) from 84 districts were eligible to take part in the June 15 local self-government elections.