Georgian Dream on Rustavi 2 recordings: UNM tries to split the coalition

Ruling coalition speaker said publishing of the recordings were an attempt to discredit the country's image and public institutions., 11 May 2014 - 20:28, Tbilisi,Georgia

Members of the Georgian Dream coalition believe United National Movement (UNM) are using "dirty methods” to blackmail society in an attempt to split the coalitions ahead of the elections. 

The political party commented on illegally obtained audio and video recordings, released by Rustavi 2, which reflect private conversations of politicians and businessmen.

Speaker of the ruling coalition, Giorgi Gegechkori, said UNM continued to act using 'dirty methods' aimed at blackmailing society and shift responsibility for this action to Rustavi 2.

"When our Government came to power our goal was to prevent illegal wiretapping, surveillance and intimidation of people and stop a practice that had been happening in this country for years. But UNM does not stop fighting and uses the most dirty methods in politics and tries to blackmail society. Since participating in this, the responsibility has been imposed on Rustavi 2 too," Gegechkori stated.

He said publishing the recordings of private conversations between politicians and businessmen was an attempt to discredit the country's image and public institutions.

He also said UNM was trying to split the coalitions before the elections.

"This agonic condition of theirs is clear - on June 15, UNM is going to lose its power. The Prosecutor's Office stated that a large amount of portable recording equipment had been lost from Interior Ministry. This means some individuals have an access to make illegal recordings.

"This is a part of the well-planned provocation which was planned consciously by the former government before elections and signing of the Association Agreement," Gegechkori added.

He believed the official investigation would find out the authenticity of the recordings, find out who was responsible and who currently owned the lost recording equipment.

He stressed a special bill to end illegal surveillance was ready and would be voted in Parliament in the near future.

On Saturday evening Rustavi 2 television released illegally obtained secret recordings of private conversations of politicians and businessmen despite warnings from Government officials that such kind of recordings were against the law.

The recordings, released on the Rustavi 2 television show ‘Different Accents’, showed numerous high-profile politicians and businessmen converse about a range of issues.