EU Journalism prize winners revealed

EU awards Georgian Journalists “who work for a free and responsible press.” / Photo: Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics., 15 Dec 2013 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

EU representative in Georgia and European Monitoring Mission (EUMM) revealed the winners of the competition EU Prize in Journalism 2013 yesterday.

The winner of the nomination for best investigative print article is the journalist of the Resonance newspaper, Mariam Otarashvili with her article "First reporting from Tskhinvali after the war.  

In the nomination for the best TV-radio reporting, the journalist from the Studio Monitori, Giorgi Mgeladze was awarded for his footage named "Agent provocateur in service of the government.  

Giorgi Kikonishvili with his blog "A human, dude, published on the webpage of the Liberali, was named as a winner in the nomination for the Best webpage/blog/social network profile.  

Also, was awarded for the nomination of the most informative online newspaper of information agency.  

The special prize for peace journalism by EUMM, for first time this year, was awarded to the journalist of the Radio Liberty OlesyaVartanyan for her article "Hope helps the relatives to endure which was about the people missing since the Georgian-Abkhaz war. Vartanyan won 5,000 Euros which will give her a possibility to participate in the training course in London by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

The jury revised the competition works published between the period of October 1, 2012 October 30, 2013. The winners were awarded by the Vice-Speaker MananaKobakhidze, EUMM head ToivoKlaar, the Deputy Ambassador of the EU in Georgia Boris Jaroshevich and the jury members ZviadKoridze and Tamar Rukhadze.  

This is the second year the EU awards Georgian Journalists "who work for a free and responsible press.