Parliament Speaker condemns physical altercation at the Parliament

Parliament Speaker promised to talk with the heads of the parliamentary fractions regarding this issue., 11 Dec 2013 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

At the end of the plenary session yesterday, late in the evening, the Parliamentary Speaker David Usupashvili said he will try his best to prevent such altercations in the Parliament of Georgia. He promised to talk with the heads of the parliamentary factions and anyone needed regarding this issue today.   As the Speaker pointed out, many issues still are waiting to be discussed, among them important and sensitive ones and while the year is ending, he asked everybody to be constructive.

"I know and I am waiting. The draft laws are already entering the Parliament and they will cause some tensions.It is inevitable. Second, we approved the budget with only the majority voting  and that  is not good at all for the minority. If some of you think that physical altercation could be justified and it is all right if it happens in this hall, please, let us know in order to know what to expect from who, Usupashvili addressed the parliamentary majority.   The physical alteration at the Georgian Parliament session was evoked after MP Soso Jatchvliani, from the ruling party, issued comments to MP Giorgi Baramidze, that he perceived as insults, at the end of his speech about the former governments March 2004 special operation on the Aprasidze family in the village of Etseri which prompted a reaction from the National Movement members.   MP Baramidze from the opposition UNM party, demanded to release the letter that will condemn developments in Ukraine.   Jatchvliani assesses that what is going on in Ukraine as very bad, though the "National Movement first of all has to condemn the unrest in Tbilisi on November 7, 2007 and the protest rally in Tbilisi on May 26, 2011.   Jachvliani called on the law enforcers to investigate all the details.   Davit Usupashvili had to stop the session.     After the physical altercation, the UNM MPs left the plenary session and the discussions about the state budget 2014 continued without them.