CNN: “The story of Georgian wine Marked by 8000 years of continuous vintage”

Alaverdi Monastery in Georgia's winemaking region of Kakheti. Photo: CNN, Dec 13, 2023, Tbilisi, Georgia

American media outlet CNN has published an article about Georgian winemaking, detailing the 8,000-year-old sustained tradition on the territory of the country and wide range of wine varieties produced in the country. 

The article explains the contemporary Georgian winemaking is sustained by a “triumvirate of elements” of “clay, culture and connection” and says Georgia is home to over 525 indigenous grape varieties, while its terrain is “gifted” with a temperate climate conducive to cultivation.

The famed Alazani River Valley [in the eastern region of Kakheti], framed against the backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains, is a winemaking haven, with its combination of well-drained, mineral-rich soils and high altitude contributing to the distinctive flavours and aromas typical of Georgian wines”, the piece notes.

It also mentions the “enduring spirit” of the Georgian winemakers who pass the tradition down through generations, and the country’s geographical location as the “final thread” that ensures its “viticultural relevance”.

The article was published on the initiative of the Georgian National Wine Agency. 

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