SBS: ‘Why khachapuri is the comfort food you should make this winter’

Adjarian Khachapuri - one of the types of the Georgian national dish. Photo: images., Jul 23, 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia

SBS has published an article by Lucy Rennick providing ‘a good reason why this Georgian cheese-filled pastry is proving to be a sensation.’

The article says that Georgians ‘clearly know their way around comfort food' possibly because of the country is located ‘in one of the colder places on earth.’

Khachapuri, a traditional snack of cheese-filled bread ticks just about every cold-weather food box there is – it’s buttery, cheesy and doughy, with a runny egg right plopped right in the piping hot centre once it comes out of a wood-fired oven,” Lucy Rennick writes in the article. 

The article provides information on different versions of Khachapuri.

Imeretian khachapuri are completely round like a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Adjarian are boat-shaped, with crusty, knobbly ends – people usually break them off and mix up the egg, butter and the cheese so that it almost becomes fondue,” says Attila Yilmaz from Pazar food Collective, one of the few places in Sydney known for serving the Georgian staple.

Lucy Rennick also says that the tradition of making Khachapuri was added to the register of Georgia’s Intangible Cultural heritage by UNESCO in January, 2019.

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