EUMM reports details of current tension at Tskhinvali occupation line

The EUMM mission has reported the details of the tension at the Chorchana-Tsnelisi area. Photo: EUMM Georgia., 16 Sep 2019 - 23:32, Tbilisi,Georgia

The European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM), which is the only mission deployed in Georgia after the Russia-Georgia 2008 war, has provided details regarding the current tension at Georgia’s Russian-occupied Tskhinvali region ‘‘due to the level of press interest and to dispel inaccurate reports.” 

The EUMM says that in January 2019 their monitors noted markings on trees in the area between Tsnelisi [Kareli municipality of Georgia under the Russian control] and Chorchana [Khashuri municipality of Georgia, Tbilisi-administered territory]. 

The EUMM mission head to Georgia Erik Hoeg tweeted.