Manufacturers in Georgia to regulate waste from December 2019

  • Manufacturers are required to be responsible on reducing negative environmental impact. Photo: N. Alavidze/, 10 Oct 2018 - 13:11, Tbilisi,Georgia

All manufacturers in Georgia who place a product onto the market will be obliged to reduce negative environmental impact that may follow its production, use, waste recovery or disposal.

This will be regulated by the new Waste Management Code that was adopted in Georgia in 2014 and enters into force from December 1, 2019.

The Waste Management Code is in compliance with the Extended Producers’ Responsibility, which is a new concept for Georgia.

As this concept requires adequate awareness of the public and private sector the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia is starting meetings and consultations with the private sector.

“It is important for us to take into account the interests of the business sector but not to scramble the goals set out in the Waste Management Code”, said first deputy Minister of Environment Protection Nodar Kereselidze.

About 900,000 tonnes of municipal waste is created in Georgia annually, announced the ministry.

From December 2019 the manufacturers will be obliged to take care of: packaging waste (plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, metal, glass), electronic equipment, tires and transport taken from the consumption, used oils, used batteries and accumulators.