USAID praises Georgia’s journey to self-reliance with high scores, 5 Oct 2018 - 12:02, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia takes the leading position in the region in a United States Agency for International Development (USAID)  ranking on a new organisational resource, Journey to Self-Reliance. 

Journey to Self Reliance will help guide the agency on specific country needs and how to strengthen each country’s ability to fund, manage, and solve its own development challenges.

The portal unites all USAID’s beneficiary countries, records the progress each country makes and prioritises in which direction the USAID should tailor the programmes it implements and the partnerships the agency forges to support each country's unique journey to self-reliance.

Georgia received high ratings in the main indicators of economic and democratic development which was measured from 0 to 1 scale.  

All source data is for the latest year available, typically 2017 or 2016, and is derived from third-party institutions. All indicators are weighted equally in the calculation of the overall commitment and capacity scores.

Georgia’s scores in the commitment section (the degree to which a country's laws, policies, actions, and informal governance mechanisms - such as cultures and norms - support progress towards self-reliance) are the following:

  • Liberal democracy - 0.60
  • Open government - 0.48
  • Social group equality - 0.73
  • Economic gender gap - 0.66
  • Business environment - 0.55
  • Trade freedom - 0.99
  • Biodiversity and habitat protections - 0.57

Capacity (how far a country has come in its ability to manage its own development journey across the dimensions of political, social, and economic development, including the ability to work across these sectors) scores:

  • Government effectiveness - 0.63
  • Efficiency of tax administration - 0.88
  • Safety and security - 0.61
  • Civil society and media effectiveness - 0.91
  • Poverty rate ($5/Day) - 0.60
  • Education quality - 0.78
  • Child health - 0.93
  • GDP per capita - 0.53
  • Information and communication technology use - 0.59
  • Export diversification - 0.84