Police detain 10 more in transparency bill protest for disobedience to law enforcers

The Ministry stated its relevant units were mobilised to protect the public order in the area surrounding the Parliament building and once again called on all participants of the rally “not to go beyond the limits defined by the law on freedom of assembly and expression, observe norms of public order and follow the lawful demands of police”. Photo via Interior Ministry

Agenda.ge, 08 Mar 2023 - 21:04, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian police detained ten more people for disobedience to law enforcement during a protest outside the Parliament building in Tbilisi after the legislative body gave its initial backing to a proposed bill on transparency of foreign influence in its first reading, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.

The law enforcers stopped several individuals, who were carrying illegal items for “violent” purposes, including batons, stones, a stun gun, various types of pyrotechnics, paints and other items prohibited by law, which were seized by the police as evidence, the Ministry said, adding under the law its officers were authorised to carry out a “superficial inspection of persons only on the outer surface of their clothes by hand”.