Those “threatening” Georgia’s economy, security, EU goals can “identify themselves” as part of “war party” - FM

Ilia Darchiashvili, the Georgian Foreign Minister, on Friday answered MPs’ questions following presenting his report. Photo: Foreign Ministry press office, 16 Jun 2023 - 18:41, Tbilisi,Georgia

Ilia Darchiashvili, the Georgian Foreign Minister, on Friday said “any politician” in the country whose “actions and statements” posed threats to the domestic economy, security and Georgia’s European integration could “identify themselves” as members of a “global war party”. 

Answering lawmakers’ questions following his report to the Parliament on the work of the Ministry, the FM criticised a part of the domestic opposition who the Government has characterised as “destructive” and accused of having an interest in “dragging'' Georgia into the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. 

Citing “common positions” on “key issues” between governments and opposition forces in countries that have recently joined the European Union, the FM highlighted the importance of domestic unity on topics like the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration. 

Anyone from [the Government's] opponents can identify themselves as representatives of the ‘war party’, who [use] their statements, groundless accusations, sharing of baseless views or talks to threaten the well-being, security, economic development and European future of our country”, Darchiashvili said.

He stressed the Georgian Dream authorities had ensured “tangible results” for the country’s EU integration over the past decade, and reaffirmed Georgia’s Western course by inscribing it into the country’s constitution. 

“Georgia’s European integration is an irreversible process”, Darchiashvili told MPs, adding the Government's approach served the “interests” and “well-being” of the country’s citizens. 

Highlighting the country’s foreign policy priorities, the official claimed accepting the opposition’s “narrative, wishes or visions” on the policies would bring “catastrophic consequences” for the country.