Georgian conservationist in lens of director Saxon Bosworth's new documentary

A still from Like an Animal, the latest documentary by Saxon Bosworth that takes a look at Nika Kerdikoshvili and his story of transformation from a hunter to a conservationist. Image: Saxon Bosworth, 04 Oct 2022 - 17:18, Tbilisi,Georgia

Young Georgian conservationist Nika Kerdikoshvili is the focus of the lens of film director Saxon Bosworth, who recently released Like an Animal (Ცხოველივით), his latest work featuring natural surroundings of the country and those working to safeguard it.

Coming in the heels of Guardian of Machakhela, where he featured a ranger in western Georgia's national park, the new work centres on Nika Kerdikoshvili, a young environmentalist striving to contribute to conservation efforts for the Caucasian tur.

In his notes on the release, the director said his latest production was a story of a "remarkable, one-of-a-kind man, who devotes and risks his life to protect and learn more about the Caucasian Tur - a wild high mountain goat".

In the documentary, Kerdikoshvili, a former hunter, talks about his closeness to animals in eastern Georgia's Lagodekhi protected area, his introverted nature and rejection of busy social life for the work on saving the animal whose numbers have been dwindling in recent years due to poaching.


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