Tbilisi theatre in German foreign office assistance "making a difference" amid pandemic

The Tbilisi troupe has impressed local and foreign audiences with their contemporary productions over the recent years, sparking wider conversations about social issues. Photo via Royal District Theatre.

Agenda.ge, 22 Mar 2021 - 18:34, Tbilisi,Georgia

A Tbilisi theatre troupe is one of four cultural and educational institutions from around the world that have not only survived the pandemic but thrived in their work thanks to a support initiative by the German Federal Foreign Office.

In a summary of their project of providing aid to the select venues in the midst of the Covid crisis last year, the German foreign ministry revealed the Royal District Theatre, one of the most popular stage companies attracting viewers both locally and abroad, was one of their beneficiaries.

The extent of the support from the fund, provided by the foreign office in cooperation with the Goethe Institute and civil society partners, has enabled the troupe to not only avoid the possibility of shuttering due to the unpredictable circumstances of the pandemic, but also offer new creative work to its audience.

[Royal District Theatre] has now been able to develop six new pieces in pandemic-appropriate formats, from audio dramas to sound installations to performances using the cityscape of Tbilisi as their stage."

- Federal Foreign Office