Georgian cinema professionals' letter to culture minister asks doubling of annual film production budget

As of today the budget allocated for film production totals 5 million GEL. Photo: Film in Georgia/Facebook., 21 Sep 2021 - 13:22, Tbilisi,Georgia

Film industry members in Georgia, in total 180 people, which include directors, producers, actors, cameramen and film experts have sent an open letter to the Minister of Culture Tea Tsulukiani, asking her to increase the budget for the film production of the Georgian National Film Center to 10 million GEL (about $3.22m/€2.75m) by 2022.

The letter reads that despite financial difficulties, Georgian filmmakers have achieved significant success on the international arena and Georgian cinema has established itself at the world's leading festivals and film platforms. 

Given that Georgian cinema has a fairly large audience abroad, it contributes to the popularity of the country and attracts investments and visitors to the country. Most of the projects funded by the Film Center attract co-financing from various foundations and film production companies around the world, which is of great importance in terms of foreign exchange inflows into Georgia", reads the letter.

Film industry insiders believe that an increased budget will contribute to the growth of Georgian film production, 'which, in turn, will contribute to the development of the country's culture and film industry, as well as will bring more economic benefits'. 

As of today the budget allocated for film production totals 5 million GEL.