Opposition mayoral candidate in Poti, former Tbilisi mayor Ugulava, allowed to register for elections

Soon after the parliamentary elections in 2020, Ugulava left European Georgia due to a disagreement with the party’s head, Giga Bokeria. Photo: Gigi Ugulava/Facebook. 

Agenda.ge, 02 Sep 2021 - 13:05, Tbilisi,Georgia

The united opposition candidate for Poti mayor, former Tbilisi mayor Gigi Ugulava, has received a document from the Georgian Interior Ministry allowing him to register for the upcoming October 2 municipal race.

He stated two days ago that he could not get a document confirming that he is not a convicted sexual or narcotics felon from the ministry and noted that it was a ‘deliberate campaign’ against him.

The document is in my hands. The fight continues until victory,” Ugulava said. 

However, the Georgian Interior Ministry stated that they gave him an interim document the same day he applied for it and underlined that due to ongoing cases in the court involving Ugulava, additional time was needed. 

Gigi Ugulava is a joint candidate for Poti mayor of four opposition parties: the United National Movement (UNM), European Georgia, Droa and Girchi-More Freedom.