Giorgi Lobzhanidze’s poetry among Lithuania’s top 15 of 2020

The author of the review says Lobzhanidze's book is interesting from a thematic point of view, it goes far beyond the doors of Lithuanian philologists. Photo: Shot, 03 Jan 2021 - 19:59, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian author Giorgi Lobzhanidze’s book of poetry titled Šventofobija has been named among Lithuania’s best 15 of 2020.

I am extremely happy!... Hardly any books have made me feel so happy” Lobzhanidze wrote on Facebook yesterday. 

Poetry by Lobzhanidze, a philologist and Orientalist, has been published in Georgia both as part of poetry publications and as standalone editions. He has also translated poetry from Persian into Georgian.

The body of his published poetry includes four collections between 1997-2013, with honours including two Saba Literary Prizes for Translation of the Year in 2008 and 2011.

Last year he was part of Italy's Xenia Book Fair along with Georgian translator Nunu Geladze and has also been featured at the Genoa International Poetry Festival and the Poetry and Europe festival near Perugia.

Lobzhanidze was also among authors and poets selected to represent Georgia's literary and cultural scene during the country's Guest of Honour presentation at the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair.