Ex-Georgian soldier who served 15 years for murder of CIA agent demands case be re-examined

Anzor Sharmaidze (L) denies murdering CIA agent Freddie Woodruff in 1994.

Agenda.ge, 27 Nov 2020 - 13:21, Tbilisi,Georgia

Former Georgian soldier Anzor Sharmaidze, who served 15 years in prison for the murder of Freddie Woodruff, the CIA's station chief in Tbilisi, has been questioned by Georgia’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office earlier today as Sharmaidze says he is innocent and is demanding a re-examination of the case. 

Sharmaidze was convicted of the murder back in 1994 and was granted parole in 2008. 

Woodruff was reportedly a senior CIA employee in Tbilisi, working as an instructor attached to late Georgian leader and former president of the country Eduard Shevardnadze's security detail. 

He was shot in the head while returning one evening to Tbilisi in a car driven by Shevardnadze's security guard Eldar Gogoladze. 

Sharmaidze’s lawyer says that there were two women in the car as well who allegedly were Russian spies.

Sharmaizde then was 20-years-old and served at a checkpoint near the murder scene. 

The Prosecutor’s Office stated in 1994 that Sharmaidze fired his gun at Woodruff¹s car as the vehicle refused to stop. 

Now Sharmaidze says that he fired no shots and is innocent, adding that ‘I have been requesting the reopening of the case since my release in 2008.’