Georgia in spotlight of 2020 Doclisboa documentary festival industry platform

The networking and pitching section of the Lisbon-based festival will open up its Invited Country stage for Georgia at the next edition. Photo via doclisboa., 27 May 2020 - 18:41, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian filmmakers and industry professionals will have spotlight on them via the Invited Country status at the next industry platform meeting of the Doclisboa International Film Festival later this year.

Scheduled to run in the fall, Nebulae - the project hosting film professionals for networking and pitching opportunities - will convene participants to pay particular attention to directors and producers from Georgia.

Opening a platform for submissions by Georgian filmmakers, productions and co-productions earlier this year, organisers of the meeting have been collecting film projects with the deadline of June 1 looming.

After sorting submissions, the next Nebulae edition will run with a "programme of meetings, presentations and a pitching session for national projects", the hosts said.

Producers, distributors and other professionals will gather to see pitching sessions by Georgian presenters at the industry section, set to run between October 22-November 1, alongside the festival.