Forbes names Georgian wine among the best of 2020

Father Gerasime of the Alaverdi Monasteri in Kakheti, Georgia. Photo: Adam Morganstern/, 30 Dec 2019 - 18:38, Tbilisi,Georgia

American magazine Forbes has included a number of Georgian wines on a list of the best wines to look out for in 2020.

The author of the article Adam Morganstern mentions Georgia as an interesting country for its sophisticated methodology of wine pressing which is still preserved in the country.

Morganstern advises readers to visit Georgia in 2020 and learn about Georgian winemaking traditions on the spot.

A group of sommeliers interviewed for the piece also recommend classic wine countries such as France and Italy and name Greek, Lebanese, American, Spanish, Chinese and Armenian wines among the best.

In 2020, I am looking to taste more of the forgotten grapes that are now being rediscovered and used as alternatives to combat changes in climatic cycles. It is a trove of beautiful expressions, a lot I’ve never experienced before – and, for sure, a window to the past and the future”, says the author.

 Morganstern names Meskhuri among the world’s forgotten and “now being discovered” wines, such as  Oeillade (Languedoc), Verdesse (Savoie & Ain), Diolle (Switzerland).

Adam Morganstern says that his explorations in 2020 will be centred around the areas that have “some of the longest histories of wine production, yet some of the most modern wine industries”, including Georgia, Armenia, Greece and Israel.