Helicopter, 200 firefighters involved to extinguish fire in Ateni gorge

Fire erupted at the scene yesterday. Photo: Emergency Management Service press office.

Agenda.ge, 25 Dec 2019 - 09:48, Tbilisi,Georgia

A helicopter and about 200 firefighters will try to put out fire at the village of Ormotsi, Ateni Gorge, in central Georgia.

Fires were reported in the gorge late yesterday with firefighters working to put out the fire whole night.

 Special equipment is being used and a helicopter to put out the fire. The number of firefighters will increase to 200 today,” the Emergency Management Service has reported.  

Ten active fires were reported around Georgia yesterday, mostly on the lower layers of forests.

The Emergency Management Service has called upon shepherds and hunters to exercise maximum caution to prevent fires, as “due to warm weather the lower layers of woods are dry and easily catch fire.”