US motion picture association welcomes creation of Georgian body against digital piracy

The establishment of a Georgian anti-digital piracy body has been welcomed by their US partners. Photo: Amy Ross on Flickr., 29 Nov 2019 - 18:43, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Motion Picture Association of America has welcomed the creation of the Anti-Piracy Centre of Georgia, a body tasked with countering distribution of pirated versions of digital media on websites hosted in the country.

Representing major companies including Paramount Pictures and Netflix Studios, the US organisation has also expressed its concern with the wide-ranging availability of pirated cinema content on Georgian websites.

In a recent letter addressed to Genadi Lobzhanidze, Chairman of the National Intellectual Property Centre of Georgia, Stan McCoy, the MPA president and managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa noted his anticipation on a coming cooperation between the bodies over the issue.

We welcome the establishment of [the local organisation] which will focus on safeguarding films throughout their Georgian theatrical release cycle [...]," the letter says.

McCoy also told Lobzhanidze his organisation was looking forward to seeing how local rights-holders would work with their international partners to "promote the availability of legal, high-quality content for Georgian viewers".

Two letter mentions specific Georgian-hosted websites that make pirated versions of films - including those from MPA member companies - available for viewing.

The issue has also elicited response from local cinema groups like the Cavea Cinemas network, which pointed out damage to "Georgian cinema" caused by illegal distribution of pirated copies to online platforms.