Georgian writer Beqa Adamashvili wins EU Literary Prize

Beka Adamashvili is the first Georgian author to win this award. Photo: Nata Sopromadze, 03 Oct 2019 - 14:44, Tbilisi,Georgia

Beqa Adamashvili is the first Georgian writer to win EU Literary Prize.

 The President of European Publishers awarded him with European Union Literary Prize in Brussels on September 2.

Everybody Dies in the Novel is the name of the book written in 2018 that won EU Literary Prize.

The book has an author's short quote on the first page - “I dedicate the book to unique Georgian alphabet with thirty three airy, mute, silent and sung letters combined in this small phrase”.

Great sense of humor and deep knowledge of world literature combined with marketing and advertising skills makes Adamashvili’s prose hilarious and entertaining. He very often uses allusions from classic literature and sometimes even shifts the famous characters into his work,” reads the official page of European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL).