Georgian officials congratulate Muslim community on Eid al-Adha

 Eid al-Adha, also known as Qurban Bayram is one of the major religious holidays celebrated among the Muslim population. Photo: Nino Alavadze/, 11 Aug 2019 - 19:20, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Muslim population is celebrating a major religious holiday today – Eid al-Adha, also known as Qurban Bayram

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze sent good wishes to the country's Muslim citizens, saying “Georgia’s wealth is in its diversity” and “over the course of centuries, our ancestors jointly built our homeland".

It is our obligation to pass these traditions on to our future generations. Qurban Bayram is a holiday dedicated to hope, love and support of those in need”, PM Bakhtadze stated.

The Georgian State Minister for Reconciliation and Civil Equality Ketevan Tsikhelashvili also sent good wishes to the country’s Muslim population on the holiday.

I would like to sincerely congratulate each of you on this wonderful day and  wish you peace, welfare and prosperity in your families and in the country as a whole”, Minister Tsikhelashvili said.

She further noted that the Georgian Government values the religious diversity in the country and welcomes the fact that people of different believes peacefully live together. 

Muslims are one of the largest religious minority groups in Georgia, representing up to 10 percent of the Georgian population.