European politicians call on Russia to withdraw troops from Georgia on 11th anniversary of war

  • The identified partial remains of Unknown Soldiers that were buried in 2015 at Mukhatgverdi cemetery, Tbilisi., 7 Aug 2019 - 14:26, Tbilisi,Georgia

Politicians from across the globe have marked the 11th anniversary of the 2008 Russia – Georgia War, stating Georgian territories were occupied by Russia in August 2008.

"Russia continues its creeping annexation and occupies 20% of Georgia’s territory,” Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicus said in his Twitter post.

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics also showed support for the territorial integrity of Georgia.

"I reiterate Latvia’s unwavering support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia, Russia must end the occupation of parts of Georgian territory,” he tweeted.

British MP Jonathan Djanogly also noted the 2008 August War, expressing support for Georgia’s aspirations to join the EU and NATO.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry released an official statement regarding the 11th anniversary of the Russia-Georgia War earlier today, saying 7 August 2019 marks 11 years since the ‘large-scale military invasion of the Russian Federation in Georgia.’

The Russia - Georgia war started on August 7, 2008, between the Georgian army and Ossetian separatists reinforced by Russian soldiers.

Russia entered the war on August 8, however Georgia claims Russia had entered Georgian territory in armored vehicles before this date.

The armed conflict claimed the lives of 228 Georgian civilians, 170 soldiers and 14 police officers.

192,000 people had to leave their houses during the war. Most of them returned to their homes after the war but more than 20,000 still remain displaced.