Georgian man killed, 2 Russians injured during criminal incident in Turkey

The Georgian Foreign Ministry spokesman Vladimer Konstantinidi says that details of an incident in Turkey involving Georgian and Russian citizens need to be identified. Photo: Foreign Ministry press office., 18 Jun 2019 - 16:32, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that one Georgian citizen has been shot and two Russian citizens were injured during an incident in Istanbul, Turkey late yesterday.

Vladimer Konstantinidi, spokesman from the ministry, dismissed speculations on an ethnic dispute and said that it was a criminal case.

Details are being identified,” Konstantinidi said.

He stated that, possibly, three armed people broke in a commercial facility in Istanbul and demanded from the people there to lie down.

Shots were heard soon, as I was informed. Two attackers managed to run. They are said to be Georgian nationals. We do not know whether they hold Georgian citizenship or not,” Konstantinidi said.

CNN Turk reported earlier today that Georgian and Russian employees of a transit company in Istanbul had a dispute which led to an armed confrontation on the street, leaving 56-year-old Georgian citizen killed with a gunshot in the head.