Georgians sign petition, saying Georgian sumo wrestler Tochinoshin was unfairly treated [VIDEO]

Tochinoshin retains the chance to reclaim the Ozeki title as two fights are still ahead. Photo:, 24 May 2019 - 17:19, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgians are signing an online petition, saying that coaches have made “a very unfair” decision today during the Sumo championship in Japan, declaring Japanese Asanoyama the winner when he “actually lost the game” in the fight against Tochinoshin [Georgian Levan Gorgadze].

Sumo fans from other countries also signed the petition. 

The fight was decisive for Tochinoshin as after winning he would have returned the second highest title in the sport –Ozeki, which he gained in 2018 and lost in March 2019.

As of now Tochinoshin has nine victories and four losses. Two fights are still ahead and there is a chance for him to regain the title. However, if today’s decision remains unchanged, he nearly loses all chances to win the championship.

This decision, not only disadvantaged Tochinoshin in this specific fight, but also deprived him of an opportunity to win the Emperor’s Cup and put his chances of reclaiming Ozeki title under a dire threat. Simultaneously, the decision strongly benefited Asanoyama, enabling him to gain his first Yusho and become the first champion of Reiwa age,” reads the petition.

Mongolian athlete Kakuryu and Asanoyama are leading the race for now. The Georgian sumo fans believe that those “who have made the unfair decision,” have a big desire the cup to be won by a Japanese athlete.

The petition says that if the decision is not changed it will be a black spot on the history of sumo, which has always been famous for its fair values.