Saperavi wines from Australia, US, Kazakhstan win wine contest in Georgia

  • The Grand Gold Prize was awarded to the Cirami Estate 2015 Saperavi from Australia. Photo from Hvino., 16 Feb 2018 - 17:55, Tbilisi,Georgia

Saperavi winemakers from Australia, the United States (US) and Kazakhstan are the proud winners of Georgia’s first international contest for Saperavi makers at the Saperavi World Prize 2017.

This week, wines of the best-known Georgian Saperavi grape variety from all over the world were judged in Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi for the first time at the SapPrize contest, a joint project of wine news publisher and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

The Grand Gold Prize was awarded to the Cirami Estate 2015 Saperavi from Australia, which received the Saperavi World Prize "Gold Azarpesha” top award - a miniature golden azarpesha, which is an elegant wine vessel with long handles made of silver or gold. These richly-decorated objects are now rare antique collectibles.

The winner of the Grand Silver Prize and owner of the "Silver Azarpesha” is McGregor Vineyard’s Black Russian Red 2010 Saperavi, from the US.

As for the Grand Bronze Prize, it was handed to the Lagyl Arba Saperavi 2013 from Kazakhstan.

Saperavi, the ‘signature’ Georgian grape variety, is becoming increasingly popular with winemakers around the world. Saperavi wines are produced in the United States, Europe, former Soviet republics, and even New Zealand, but it is Australia where this Georgian variety has become especially widespread,” said the event organisers.

The Saperavi wines produced in all these countries were judged in Georgia by an international jury involving top experts in Saperavi winemaking.