Interior Ministry says elections are calm, possible election-related offences being investigated

The Interior Ministry says that police are investigating 11 election-related incidents. Photo: Interior Ministry press office., 28 Nov 2018 - 19:10, Tbilisi,Georgia

Deputy Interior Minister Natia Mezvrishvili says the presidential election runoff is being conducted in a largely calm environment, but that 11 cases of possible election-related violations are being investigated, involving both the ruling party and the opposition.

Mezvrishvili did not confirm the opposition’s allegations that an individual opened fire at opposition supporters in the village of Chumlaki of eastern Georgia today.

The individual was drunk and the incident had no link to politics. The individual is now at the police station,” Mezvrishvili said.

Mezvrishvili said that Interior Ministry operative groups have been mobilized around the country to prevent confrontations.

We are reacting to any incident which is within the scope of our competence in an urgent manner and local and international observers are being informed regarding our activities on election day,” Mezvrishvili said.

Mezvrishvili listed the incidents being investigated:

  • An incident took place in Tbilisi earlier today when supporters of a political party physically abused a journalist of TV Pirveli.  Mezvrishvili says a suspect has been identified.
  • An incident of physical confrontation took place in Mtskheta, for which an investigation is in progress and those involved have put forward several reasons for why the brawl broke out.
  • The car wheels of opposition supporters have been damaged in the Adigeni region of eastern Georgia.
  • Two incidents of physical confrontation took place in the western city of Batumi.
  • An incident of physical confrontation took place in the Vake-Saburtalo district of Tbilisi. Witnesses are being interrogated to identify the involved individuals.
  • Possible attempts by several voters who had undergone the marking procedure in the Kvemo Kartli region of eastern Georgia to vote a second time.
  • A physical confrontation in the Lilo district of Tbilisi.
  • Possible violation of voting procedure by a member of the Abasha City Assembly from the Georgian Dream ruling party in western Georgia
  • An incident of robbery at the polling station in the Dusheti region of eastern Georgia.