Prime Minister vows highly democratic presidential election runoff

The Georgian PM called upon the public to vote in the presidential election runoff tomorrow. Photo: Prime Minister’s press office., 27 Nov 2018 - 13:21, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze has stated today that holding the elections in a free, fair and transparent environment has turned into a tradition under the Georgian Dream government since 2012.

We will protect the tradition and each Georgian citizen will be able to freely vote tomorrow. This is the firm political will of our government,” Bakhtadze said.

Bakhtadze appealed to the public to come to polling stations and make their choice.

He also called upon employees to help their staff go and vote - 28 November has been declared a non-working day. However, certain private companies may work anyway.

Bakhtadze vowed that all conditions will be created for foreign and local observers to do their jobs appropriately.

Georgian soldiers in Afghanistan have already voted. Photo:  Defence Ministry press office. 

The PM thanked the police for ensuring peace during the first round of elections on 28 October and tasked the Interior Ministry to promptly react to any type of violation to prevent provocations.

The Georgian Central Election Commission has stated that 3,528,658 people are registered to vote tomorrow.

Compared to the first round of elections the number of voters has been increased by 9,000 individuals.

The increase took place as certain individuals turned 18 after the first round of elections and there were many who did not have ID cards and received their documents after the first round.

3,703 polling stations are ready for the runoff. 55 of the stations will be opened abroad, while 11 are special polling stations.

Georgian soldiers in Afghanistan voted yesterday and their votes will be transported and counted to Georgia tomorrow, after 8 pm.

The Georgian Dream ruling party endorsed presidential candidate Salome Zurabishvili and the opposition candidate Grigol Vashadze will run in the elections.