Court rechecks cases of victims of previous gov’t

An individual who was deprived of his planes and helicopters in 2010-2011 by the United National Movement leadership was able to have his property returned to him in 2017, under the Georgian Dream leadership. Photo:, 26 Jun 2018 - 16:42, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Court of Appeals of Georgia is rechecking the cases of former prisoners, who believe that their charges were fabricated or had their properties illegally seized by the United National Movement leadership. 

Many of the victims of the previous government  were released in 2013, during a large-scale amnesty act initiated by the Georgian Dream leadership. 

However, many of the former inmates  have addressed the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to have their charges officially removed and have their properties returned back to them. 

Today, the Court of Appeals has announced its decision over two cases. One of the cases concern the illegal deprivation of planes and helicopters in 2010-2011 and another is the case of a former political  prisoner who was detained for his political views in 2007. 

Aircraft seized illegally by previous gov’t 

The Court of Appeals of Georgia will recheck the case of Nodar Kakabadze whose privately owned planes and helicopters were confiscated under the previous leadership of the United National Movement. 

The Prosecutor’s Office has reopened the case and provided evidence in court that Kakabadze was illegally deprived of his aircraft in 2011-2012.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia reports that Kakabadze owned a company called FLY ADJARA, which provided transport services.

In October 2010 one of the planes of the company was transferring combat cartridges, based on a legal deal, and due to a lack of fuel it landed at Batumi International Airport,” the Prosecutor’s Office said.
When it had landed, the Military Police of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia detained Kakabadze and the plane crew for the illegal transfer of the load,” the Prosecutor’s Office stated.

The Prosecutor’s Office said that in order to be released on bail, Kakabadze and his partner had to gift their property to the state.

The prosecutor’s office says that the charges against Kakabadze were illegal.

Kakabadze had his aircraft returned in 2017, which included  a Comp Air 8 and Comp Air 10, three EXEC162F helicopters and 10 different helicopter parts ” the Prosecutor’s Office said.

Man detained for political views 

On the same day, the Court of Appeals of Georgia stated that the charges against political prisoner Giorgi Zavrishvili were illegal.

The court shared the view of the Prosecutor’s Office that Zavrishvili was detained for his political views in 2007 and the charge, disobedience to police, was fabricated.

Zavrishvili was sentenced to eight years in prison under the United National Movement leadership.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia has addressed the Court of Appeals to recheck 59 cases so far.