Georgian PM opens US-Georgia Strategic Partnership Conference

At the conference PM Kvirikashvili talked about the 100 years of history of independent Georgia. Photo: PM's press office., 23 May 2018 - 19:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili opened the Second Annual US – Georgia Strategic Partnership Conference today, where he talked about the 100 years of history of independent Georgia.

To note, Georgia will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the creation of the first Democratic Republic of Georgia on May 26.

We have survived so much to arrive here today and, of course, the Georgian people are the heroes of this story. 100 years ago this month, Georgia took a leap into the future. We gave birth to the Democratic Republic of Georgia, as turmoil, revolution, and civil war swirled around our small country, powered by forces much larger than ourselves. Our predecessors may or may not have realised at that exciting moment that Georgia’s independence—our freedom—would be delayed still further, for nearly two-thirds of a century more. The Red Army swept into Georgia just three years after we reclaimed our statehood, and, at least temporarily, swept our independence away”, said Kvirikashvili.

"But we have been good and persistent stewards of our dream of independence and freedom.

"A century ago, Georgia set its course inseparably with the West. Georgia is not a between-land. Our culture is European with strong American accents; our outlook is Western and transatlantic, as are our values and politics. Today, our economy is among the most dynamic in its region and, indeed, in all of Europe. Our commitment to democracy and human rights, the bedrock of Western and European values, is solid, deep, and sustainable. We are proud and active member of the transatlantic community, and will only grow more so over time.

The United States was among the first to recognise Georgia’s independence in 1991. America supported us when we most needed it - during some of the most trying episodes of our own national consolidation.

"Georgia is honored to be one of America’s strategic partners. And we are extremely pleased that this annual conference will strengthen and deepen the understanding of our partnership to everyone’s benefit”, Kvirikashvili concluded.